In an era of digital instantaneous and accurate timekeeping, it is often asked of us– why even wear a watch ?

This is a good question. And while we don't wish to shoot ourselves in the foot, we can see how a watch can be annoying, cumbersome and redundant.

We also know that the modern millennial choses perhaps to wear a timepiece accidentally or as part of a wardrobe or look that they are trying to complete. These watches are not complicated and dare we say “disposable” in terms of quality and faddish style.

When one picks up a timepiece that such as the Heritage Automatic – JM 1022, we believe that they are in fact doing more than wearing a instrument that tells time. We believe that you are in fact paying an appreciation for an art of mechanics, material and workmanship that goes to the heart of what makes man great himself.

It is this ingenuity that has created a quite amazing combination of springs, screws and plates so that a reckoning of time is delivered automatically powered by nothing but the wearers own motions and activities.

Added to this, the workmanship such as that found in the Heritage Automatic JM 1022 demonstrates truly a handmade effort of polishing, cutting, application and assembly.

Leather straps, hands, dials, lenses and other parts too small to identify all assemble into one piece of man made mastery that works in tandem and with style and function on the wearers wrist.

And of course nothing completes the male wardrobe than the most pronounced if subtle accessories. A beautifully functional leather strapped timepiece completes fine tailoring, casual wear better than a plastic diagnostic device can.

With this in mind, is the question not why would you wear a watch, but perhaps why aren't you wearing one from James McCabe?
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